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Tips to creating content without the overwhelm

Create content, not overwhelm

When someone tells you that you have to create content to increase your business’ visibility and engagement, what is your first reaction?

Does the question “where do I even start” come to mind?

Or maybe it's: “what is content?” or “what type of content should I be creating and putting out there?” Or is it simply “I’m overwhelmed”?

Don’t worry, we got you!

We’re sharing some of our best tips for content creation that we use regularly with our clients, so that you can do the same without the overwhelm.

Before we even get into the nitty gritty, we’ll share one main tip when you comes to marketing your business as a whole: Plan ahead

We’re strong believers of planning ahead. This simple concept will help keep you on track so that you’re not doing things last minute and allow you to be intentional with what you create and the messaging you’re sharing.

The more you plan the less time you will take to implement.

So let’s start at the beginning… in simple terms, what is content and what you should be creating for your business.

So, content can be anything from photos, videos, graphics, blogs, to any type of social media post.

When your developing a content strategy, keep in mind that your content should always do at least 1 of these 3 things:

  1. Entertain

  2. Educate

  3. Inspire

These 3 elements are the reason people go on social media and connect with brands and businesses. Creating with these 3 elements in mind will allow you to connect with your audience and develop a relationship with clients online before they even reach out to work with you.

So now to answer the question “how do I make it happen?”

Start by visiting your calendar and booking a date for your creating sessions. We call this a “Content Day” and we recommend that you block off 3 to 4 hours to simply create. During this time you can film videos and reels, write blogs, design graphics, or hold a photoshoot, to name a few.

Now that you have your date, hold yourself accountable to it, and work backwards.

Before your Content Day arrives, put in time in your calendar to plan for it. We recommend putting aside at least 2 hours for this so that you can come up with the specifics of what you will be creating.

During pre-planning session you can do things like:

  • Find trending audios on Instagram or TikTok that are relevant to your industry and brand.

  • Develop your Blog or Video Topic and Talking Points.

  • Plan the visuals - Location, outfits, styling, etc.

  • Gather all of your equipment - tripod, ring light, selfie stick, microphone, etc.

Overwhelm truly happens when you arrive on Content Day with no plan and no idea of what you’re going to be creating. When your Content Day arrives our best tip is to simply focus on CREATING! Do not edit or take time to make things perfect after you create. You will have time to do this later. Follow your plan and allow your creative side to create without inhibition.

Find and schedule a separate day to edit and finesse your content. This is the time you can edit reels and videos, review grammar, punctuation and trim your blog posts, write your captions.

Lastly, schedule your beautiful created content. We recommend working 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. If you are keen on creating and planning content further, keep in mind that if you are creating social content with trending audio, you want to share it while it is still relevant.

As we mentioned, creating content for whichever platform you use doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s all about planning with intention and giving yourself the time to be creative and enjoy what you’re making.

Bonus tip: remember to always create authentically and put out content that is aligned with you, your brand, and your dream clients.

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