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5 Signs your business needs a rebrand!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Debating if your business needs a rebrand?

We get it, this is a big decision and we want to help make it easier.

We’ve pulled together 5 questions for you to answer about your business. If any of them ring true, you’re more likely than not in need of a rebrand!

Remember, your brand is so much more than your logo and color palette. It's the words you use, the voice that shines through in all your content and services, the values and consistencies, and so much more that helps your audience build a connection with you and recognize your business.

Some spend years building a business and the brand simply transpires, while others meticulously work on the look and feel of their brand before diving into business.

Whether your brand was initially easy to create or you put in hours and hours of work behind it years ago, rebranding is a great marketing strategy to give your business a new look and a fresh opportunity to connect with your audience.

Be honest with yourself when you answer these questions because it's all for the benefit of your business and livelihood.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Does your business lack confidence?

If you feel embarrassed about your audience seeing your Instagram account, website, emails, Investment guide and more, this absolutely needs to be fixed!

Your business needs eyeballs on it to succeed. If you are halted from sharing all of the amazing things you do because you feel uneasy about the look, feel, and experience you are delivering in your digital and marketing space, then it is definitely time for a rebrand.

With a rebrand you’ll confidently embrace and showcase your brand every chance you get!

2. Has your business pivoted?

Think about where you started your business versus where you are right now. Are you still offering the same services, providing the same experience, servicing clients at the same level as before?

Many businesses pivoted during the pandemic. (They had to, and we applaud them for doing so!)

If you went from changing your offering completely or simply how you service your clients, your brand may not be resonating with the ideal clientele you are trying to reach.

Let’s say you went from being a makeup artist to a website designer; or previously you offered full service interior design and then shifted to a consultation only and e-design business - you need a new brand identity and strategy.

The clients you were crafty enough to get to make the shift already know you’re amazing, but if you’re hoping to grow, you have to communicate your new brand to a broader audience. Cue a rebrand!

3. Is your business out of alignment?

Do you feel like you’ve tried a little bit of everything to get your dream clients attention and nothing sticks? Are you struggling to stay consistent because you don’t really know what to put out there?

Well, you need to bring your brand and business out of that chaos and create alignment among your services and your brand. You need to determine the experience you want clients to have with you and create a brand that helps them understand exactly what you offer.

4. Do you have a voice in your business?

It could be from a pivot, a lack of direction, or any number of reasons, but you don’t know what messaging to communicate for your brand any more.

You need clarity and a strategy! Spending the time to rebrand will allow you to focus on the key messaging you want to communicate to your audience!

5. Does your business lack connections?

Who are you trying to reach? Who is your ideal audience? Who are you speaking to?

The “WHO” is so important when it comes to the success of your business and the connections people make with your brand.

If you don’t know WHO you’re speaking to, you won’t know how to speak to them. The language, imagery, and overall experience you create to communicate with a teenager is very different from what you would create to connect with a 45 year old bachelor.

A proper rebrand will help you determine who you want to reach on a deeper level so that you’ll be able to answer your dream clients' pain points and find your points of connection. You need to figure out who you are building your brand for - find your niche!

So how did you do?

Did 1 or more of the 5 questions resonate with you?

With full transparency, I can say that more often than not businesses feel as if they are at a stand still with growing and it can all come down to having a brand that does not resonate with their audience.

The first step of growing a qualified and recognizable business is to build your brand - be it from scratch or a refresh!

We help our clients create a cohesive brand that confidently showcases their business and connects them with their dream clientele.

Branding a business can be a lot of running in circles if you do it without direction, this is why we love taking that off your plate and helping with the entire process while you focus on providing the services you already provide so well.

If you’re interested in learning more about our branding services, let’s chat or you can check out our packages.

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