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A Content Day in New York City

Content days are one of our favourite ways to create content with our clients!

If you don’t know what that is let me tell you…

A Content Day is a dedicated day where the main purpose is to create. We typically meet our clients for a 3-4 hour period of time and focus on creating all kinds of content - from taking photos to filming Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and more.

We love offering this service to everyone, but primarily to our Social Media clients as our goal is to truly take the pressure off when it comes to managing their social media channels.

In April, we had the absolute pleasure of running a Content Day in New York City!

The excitement of being in NYC was fantastic but what was even better was being able to plan and walk away with over 30 pieces of content for our client to use for months and months on end!

Now you may be wondering… how did you plan a Content Day like this?

I’ll begin by saying it is not the type of day where we show up and things just magically come together. No. Planning a Content Day takes a lot of work because we want to create authentic and purposeful content for our clients and while being extremely efficient with everyone’s time.

To execute a successful Content Day planning starts at least 2 weeks in advance… and for this particular one where travel was necessary, we planned our hearts out.

Here’s how we did it:

2 weeks before the Content Day in New York..

We hosted a virtual Strategy Call with our client to discuss what type of content they wanted captured, the desired locations, ideas for outfits, inspiration videos, content pillars we would cover and more.

This is the time to discuss the nitty gritty details to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that we all know the next steps - i.e. booking of venue(s) and clothing selection or prop shopping.

Tip: No one wants to be running around figuring out these things last minute, so the earlier you tackle the details the better.

After this meeting, our team took our call notes and got to work on assembly our Content Day Strategy Deck, which consists of a shot list with directions, audio we want to use, props required, speaking notes and more.

And since our time in New York City was limited, we allotted more than 4 hours to make sure we made the most of our time together with the client.

1 week before the Content Day in New York..

We sent the client the Content Day Strategy Deck and shot list to be reviewed and approved. We love to send this a week ahead because we know that life is busy, especially as an entrepreneur, and we want to ensure everyone has a chance to review before we arrive.

Our goal is to create content that is authentic to each client and so we love to give them a chance to look over the plan and let us know if any content ideas need adjusting.

3 days before the Content Day in New York..

If any changes are requested, we make the necessary changes and share the finalized PDF once again.

We know being on camera takes mental preparation, so the earlier we can prepare our clients the better!

1 Day before the Content Day in New York..

This day is key to ensuring it goes off without a hitch! We ensure that ALL equipment is charged and packed.

For a typical Content Day we pack the following:

For me, I also added fly from Toronto to NYC to my prep list… so I packed it all in my BEIS weekender bag (If you’re curious what else I packed, I shared it on Instagram: CHECK IT OUT!

Day of Content Day in New York City..

All the big planning was done, now it was time to execute!

We love getting a sense of the space before we get rolling, so for us arriving 10-15 minutes early is key. It allows us to take a tour of the space, look through outfits and props, set up our equipment so that we’re truly starting on time.

We began on-time and followed our Content Day Strategy Deck to the T - this is how we stayed efficient!

Tip: Don’t underestimate how much energy a Content Day will take from both the person on camera and the one behind. Take breaks, refuel with smoothies, coffee and snacks and drink lots of water!

We loved starting in a studio space, then heading to the waterfront in Brooklyn, and finally to the Williamsburg Hotel. It allowed us to capture a wide variety of shots and see New York City in all its glory at the same time!

After the long day of shooting we celebrated with dinner and drinks with our client.

*Side note: I am obsessed with the Williamsburg Hotel - can’t wait to go back for a visit!

And that’s how we did it (and loved every minute of it)!

If you’re hoping to hold a Content Day (as a creator or for a client) I’ve got some additional tips for you:

For the client:

  • Be prepared - If speaking reels are on the list, take time to practice your lines and thoughts ahead of time. Practice enough that the core ideas of the reels are second nature, it will not only help you look and feel more natural but also will help the day progress smoothly.

  • Select outfits that align with your brand colors

  • Find a studio that is multi-purposeful so that you can get a variety of shots without having to move spaces.

  • Book an extra hour in your venue. Time flies! You’ll be re-doing certain clips, changing outfits, resetting the scene… so it’s always a good idea to book an extra 1-1.5 hours.

For the Creator:

  • Have back-up Content. If for whatever reason you complete everything ahead of schedule or a certain concept isn’t working out, having optional content will be your saving grace.

  • Bring your chargers. Devices drain quicker than you think when you’re on a roll. Chargers are key especially if it’s a long day.

  • Bring water! You’ll feel so much better if you’re constantly hydrating. This is a big day, you don’t want to lose energy half way through!

After all the planning and long day on your feet capturing… the post production starts.

This is when we begin to edit reels and tiktoks, create covers, review the content calendar and ensure we have everything captured and saved.

After it’s all created, we send it to our client for approval and then posting for weeks at a time comes easily.

Truthfully, having a detailed process and following our Strategy Deck makes all the difference to clients because they know exactly what to expect and our team is able to execute a lengthy day like this seamlessly.

My final tidbit from the Content Day in NYC

  • It was unseasonably HOT in April! Wear comfortable clothing that you can layer - so you always have an option if you’re hot or cold!

We couldn’t be more excited to start sharing the content we captured! Let me know if you’d run a Content Day in NYC like we did!

Xo, Alessya


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