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Why Content Pillars are key to your Social Media Strategy

Have you ever heard the term “Content Pillars”?

This is our bread and butter when we’re creating a social media strategy for our clients.

Let’s dive into what they are, why they are so key, and how you can establish your own.

What are they?

Content Pillars can be known as “themes”, “categories”, or “topics” that your brand will consistently discuss, amplify, and become the focus of your content creation on social media. Your pillars are the foundation of your overall content strategy. They are a great way to reflect your core values, purpose and strategically connect with your audience. We typically recommend selecting between 3 to 5 pillars.

So, why are they so important for your social media strategy?

Content pillars help you to prioritize and plan what you are putting out there. They direct you to create the right content, consistently for your audience. Instead of creating off the cuff content daily because you need to stay visible, having pillars allows you to build out your content calendar a month or more ahead.

They allow you to show your audience that you can be trusted and that you are a resource for those topics which naturally pushes followers to stay engaged.

(Quick tip: Engagement is king!)

Truthfully, developing pillars will help you gain clarity on your niche. If you are able to put thought into these right from the beginning you will have a much easier time growing an audience of people that trust, love you, and can’t wait to work with you.

And finally, how do you establish your own content pillar?

The clearest path to developing content pillars that connect with your audience is to listen to your audience!

  1. Look for frequently asked questions that you receive and uncover common themes. Create pillars, and in turn content, that answers your audience’s needs, questions and daily life.

  2. If you’re starting out or want to build your content pillars based on more direct answers, you can also simply ask your audience what they’d love to see from you. Even if you have a small following, their answers will be insightful and will lead to brand awareness and the growth of your business.

  3. Look at your analytics and identify what type of content resonates the most.

  4. Look at your industry. Follow direct competitors and look for industry trends and news. You do not have to replicate content simply because it is trending or your competitor is doing it, but you can use it as inspiration.

Remember that through your content strategy you want to be Inspiring, Educating, Promoting and/or Creating Value.

And one last important thing, develop content pillars (and content) that is authentic and genuine to your and your business. You don’t want to put out content that is the polar opposite of the brand image and experience you deliver to your clients.

Have any more social media strategy questions?

Let us know and we’ll keep the tips and tricks coming!

Skip the headache of coming up with inspirations.

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