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6 AI Tools & Resources that can help run your business

In a world where entrepreneurs, especially those starting out, have to wear all of the hats in order to build and see growth in their business, AI tools and resources are extremely beneficial. AI is currently a hot topic across industries simply because it offers us the opportunity to reduce time spent on mundane tasks so that we can actually practice our craft and spend time doing the things we love in our business.

We’ve all been there: starring at a blank page while the cursor just blinks back at you, reading and re-reading an email trying to figure out how to reply, pulling your hair out as you try to figure out how to rewrite a blog post into an instagram caption, skimming through videos while trying to find the perfect clip to share on social, and the list goes on.

It all comes down to the desire to increase productivity and efficiency, and many AI tools and resources can help you get there. In this blog we’ll share some of our favorite AI tools and how you can use them in your business.

1. ChatGPT

Right now, ChatGPT by OpenAI is the talk of the town because of the wide variety of ways you can use it. It is a natural language processing tool that allows you engage in human-like conversations with a chatbot. Here are some ways you can use this tool to help your business:

  • Generate ideas for social media

  • Write captions for social media posts

  • Develop subject lines for emails

  • Repurpose content such as converting a previously written blog post into a social media caption

  • Summarize content.

    • For example if you have a multiple page document or book to read but are lacking time, you can ask ChatGPT to summarize the main points for you.

  • Explain complex content.

    • Let’s say you are reading a legal contract and are having a difficult time understanding all of the legalese, you can ask ChatGPT to explain it to you in simple terms.

ChatGPT is a great jumping off tool and resource of inspiration if you ever are without ideas or experiencing writers block. We always recommend modifying anything you generate inside this tool to ensure that the writing reflects your own brand voice.

2. Ellie

TryEllie is an Email AI Assistant created by OpenAI and powered by GPT-4. The purpose of this tools is to reduce the time you spend in your inbox responding to emails. Once this tools is installed it, with a few simple instructional clicks, you can produce intelligent responses to emails. If your never-ending inbox and pile of “must reply” emails is your biggest gripe, this tools is for you!


Have you ever sat in a long team meeting where you discussed every project and are meant to have action items for all but had no one took detailed meeting notes? Fireflies can automatically record and transcribe meetings pull out action items, topics of discussion, questions and date and times, without you having to rewatch/relisten to the recording and waste another hour of your day. It’s like a mini assistant!

4. Descript

At its core, Descript is a tool primarily used to transcribe videos and podcasts, however with its AI features it can also create subtitles, remove filler words, and overdub videos.

Our favourite part of this tool is the overdub feature. When you upload a 10 minute audio of your voice it will learn it allowing you to create a new audio file using text to speech modeled after your voice. You can use this to create voiceovers for Instagram reels or TikTok videos - without having to spend time recording your voice once again.

5. Canva

For all the non-designers here you already know this one: Canva is a graphic design platform that has recently started introducing AI into its software. Aside from containing a large library of simple templates, and allowing you to create simple graphics with ease, it now has 3 helpful AI features.

  1. Magic write is a AI text generator that can help you get started with the copy in your designs.

  2. Text to image is a AI image generator. You can type in what you’d like to see, then it will generate a few image options based on your description.

  3. Magic Design is a AI design tool that helps you create quick designs. You can upload your media and then have it generate a designed graphic with your desired dimensions.

Not everyone is a creative or has the eye for design, these AI tools give you a good jumping off point for design so that you can focus on building the content that you know so well.


When it comes to creating content one of our favourite strategies is to repurpose long form content and distribute it through various social platforms. Typically this is a timely task where you have to at the very least have basic video editing knowledge. allows you to create social media short clips from your long videos - be it YouTube, Podcast, Webinars and more. This tool will significantly reduce the time you spend looking through long videos to find perfect snippets to place on social media.

We love the productivity help that these AI tools provide. When used correctly these tools can also elevate our own experience within our businesses. Its easier to enjoy running your business when you are able to remove or reduce a point of friction.

Have we missed an AI tools that you love to use in your business?

Let us know if there were any tools that you didn’t know existed and if you’ll be implementing them into your business’ flow.

- Alessya Baggetta


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