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Dispelling the myth: Logo vs Brand.

Helping our clients build or refresh their brand is one of the services we get most excited about. The process of creating a brand impacts so many other areas of a business.

A brand is an intangible concept and made up of so many elements there is a lot of confusion around it. Some believe that a logo is a brand and a brand is just a logo. However, in order to create a cohesive and identifiable brand for your business it is vital to understand the differences and the importance of each element.

What is a logo?

A logo is a distinguishing graphic mark, emblem or symbol used to showcase the name and essence of your business.

Having a strong identifiable logo is key to your overall brand because it is likely the main graphic element that will appear on the majority of client touchpoints, such as website, print materials, ads, products and so on. It takes a good graphic eye as well as a deep understanding of a business to design an impactful logo.

Here is an example of how our logos evolved in comparison to our most updated logo:

2016 (while I was still in school) Present

Over the years we have been constantly up levelling our professional logo designs. We want to constantly ensure that we are creating a beautiful visual representation of our clients’ businesses but also one that is impactful.

When it comes to logo design there is more to it than just putting together a pretty visual. We take the 5 principles of logo design into account each time:

1. Simplicity


3. Timeless

4. Versatility


This is all taken into account because a logo design can have considerable impact on consumer behaviour and the overall brand performance, the creation of a logo is a key component of your brand’s identity.

Although it helps to build brand recognition as an element, on its own, a logo is not a brand. Now that we understand what is a logo and its importance as an element of a brand, let’s look at what exactly is a brand.

What is a brand?

A brand is the idea or image consumers have in mind when they think about specific products, services, or activities belonging to a particular company.

The process of building a brand is referred to as 'Branding'.

Branding encompasses the fundamental aspects of a company’s identity beginning with the values it upholds.

When we help our clients with brand development we dive into 6 elements:

1. Brand voice

This is your company’s personality, emotion, and how you communicate with your audience. It helps to humanize your business, distinguish yourself from your competition and showcase your values.

2. Brand Identity

These are the more visual components such as your colour palettes, logo, fonts, and any other visuals you wish to have represent your brand.

3. Brand Promise

This includes your company vision, mission statement, principles and value proposition. With this you will define why you are different from the rest.

4. Brand Values

This includes what your company stands for - your beliefs and guiding principles. This goes beyond the products or services you offer.

5. Brand Targeting

Here we define your ideal or target audience. This is when you identify the characteristics of your ideal consumer by looking at components such as age, geographic location, income level, personality traits and more.

6. Brand Positioning

This is where we determine where your business stands in the eyes of the consumer in comparison to industry competitors. This is where you focus on developing a marketing strategy and tactics to reach your ideal audience.

Having good branding and an identifiable brand is key to your business’ awareness and success. Taking time to create a solid brand allows you to foster a professional image and raises expectations about what your business is able to do. It also allows your business to build and deepen relationships and connections with your audiences.

Ready to level up your business with a new or updated brand identity?

Head over to our Branding Page to learn on how Alessya Baggetta Designs walks you through the (re)development of your brand and your new visuals.

Until next month.



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